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Letters to Rising Leaders Coming in January 2024

Updated: Jan 2

Announcement: a new weekly podcast series launches on January 5th, 2024: "Tom Mohr's Letters to Rising Leaders Podcast". 

Tom Mohr is the author of the book "Letters to Rising Leaders". In his new podcast series, he builds on the themes in his book to explore leadership-- especially the connection between Christian faith and action. 

He has created this podcast series for one reason: you are the light of the world. From community to church to charity to nation to planet, God needs a new generation of leaders to rise. Not just any leaders-- leaders of goodness. And goodness doesn't just happen. It takes soul work. Which is why, to our next generation of leaders, Tom Mohr says this: "Come to God, make right your soul, and then go into this hurting world to serve."

Each 10 minute podcast will include stories, biblical reflections and music-- yes, music. Every week, the podcast will end with the song of the week. 

The first episode takes up the question "Who is God?", specifically exploring God the Father-- "Abba". It's a good one! Mark your calendars for January 5th, and check it out.

Subscribe to Tom Mohr's Letters to Rising Leaders Podcast Series here:

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