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Rising Leader Series: Week 5 - Connected in Time

Rising Leader,

Listen => Every Shining Star (on God in you, me and all, with love)

It was a joy to write to you last week about pluralism, and how we can each speak our truth if we do so with decency and civility. We’re starting to get into the good stuff. Let’s keep it up. Today we venture into the very pith of life-- the essence of our consciousness and call as humans living in today’s world. This is exactly where we need to be, you and me, if we are to help heal the world’s wounds.

So far, I’ve focused on our connectedness in space-- you to your friend, to your neighbor, to your fellow townie, to your countryman, to your fellow human, to all animate and inanimate things in the world (and me to mine). From monarch butterfly to Amazon rainforest to Syrian refugee, I think it is clear: we need to become more conscious of our connectedness in space. But it’s equally important that we heighten consciousness of our connectedness in time. The beat goes on, we do our thing; unintended consequences unfold unseen. If humanity is to shift gears, we need to see our impact on the future.

Remember that ladder I called the “disciplines of goodness”-- the one I’ve shared with you in earlier letters? Might I suggest that our connectedness in time impacts all of these disciplines?

Sustainability is, in essence, lived-out love for future generations. We work towards a reciprocal world-- where what we take and what we give back come into balance. Diplomacy depends on trust, built up slowly over time, supported by many reciprocal acts large and small-- all connected in time. So too with democracy-- the way we treat our adversaries in one election cycle impacts their response in the next. So too with charity-- in charity we offer a gift of love brought forth in tangible actions, on behalf of someone else’s better future. In our civility, we make deposits into the emotional bank accounts of our counterparts and adversaries. When we show respect for another’s dignity, we interact with decency. Doing so is like placing a love offering at the foot of another’s soul. Every such act echoes goodness across time.

And so it is with piety-- the foundational first step up the ladder of goodness. Endowed at birth with original goodness and free will, we live to test boundaries. We make mistakes. We stray from God’s steady stream of love. In carelessness, or shame, or retaliatory anger, or selfishness, we can lose sight of that love. Over time, our souls can become clogged with the silt of sin, denial, regret, obsessions, compulsions and other pathologies. And then, perhaps when all else fails, we return to God. We open ourselves back up to Him. In such an encounter, God always begins with love. He transforms our fear (by love) into peace, and our remorse (by grace) into healing.

Who is this God-- this Alpha and Omega-- this great I AM? Yes, as I said in past letters, He is immanent-- present in every cell in our body, present in the most secret place in our heart of hearts. God is aliveness, the luminous love energy we sense in all things. But He is also transcendent-- beyond the furthest boundaries of time. God is our moral force, the source of our ethical construct, before, during and after eternity. Rising leader, could it be that in prayers to God you might discover the passageway to a deeper consciousness of time’s connectedness, to a wider circle of care, to richer love, and to a life of service?

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” --Ecclesiastes 3:11

The kind of leadership humanity requires is ethical leadership. That’s a soul thing. Next week, let’s explore.

Spend your days well,


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P.S.: What would happen if we were to become more conscious of our intimate interconnectedness in space and time-- with love interwoven? Here’s a poem for you along those lines.


Leader of promise, are you ready to start?

What premise, what filters whittle your view?

What fuels your desire to serve from the heart?

What centers your universe: God or you?

God in windswept shore, monarch butterfly;

in every atom part, in galaxy;

in every cloud-borne droplet from the sky;

so too your soul-- in all, divinity.

Bounding back before Big Bang’s bombardment,

beyond sweet sequel to eternity,

behold in every right now moment:

God weaves you, with love, through time’s tapestry.

Alpha, Omega! In you, me and all.

Great I AM whispers. Hear the quiet call?

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